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Hena Jewlery tray

Hena Jewlery tray

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The henna painted palm design jewellery tray is an exquisite and artistic piece that combines elegance with cultural inspiration.

Crafted from porcelain material, this tray offers a refined and delicate surface for displaying your jewellery and special trinkets

The henna-painted palm design, rendered in black and white, adds a touch of intricate beauty to the tray. The henna patterns evoke a sense of cultural richness and tradition, making the tray a work of art in itself.

The gold trim along the edges enhances the tray's opulent appeal, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Perfect for keeping your jewellery organised and displayed, this tray offers a harmonious blend of functionality and artistic aesthetics.

Overall, the henna painted palm jewellery tray in black and white with gold trim is a captivating and unique choice for both practical use and decorative purposes. Its cultural motifs, elegant design, and porcelain material make it a distinctive and visually striking addition to your space.

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