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Coan Padded Floral Jacket

Coan Padded Floral Jacket

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A floral padded Indian-style jacket is a versatile and eye-catching piece of outerwear inspired by traditional Indian fashion. Here's a brief description of this distinctive jacket:

  • The jacket features a vibrant floral pattern, incorporating various colorful flowers and motifs, adding a touch of elegance and cultural charm to the design.

  • It is padded for extra warmth, making it suitable for cooler weather or layering over other clothing.

  • One of the unique features of this jacket is its reversibility. One side of the jacket is a lovely shade of pink, offering a cheerful and feminine look, while the other side is a rich navy blue, providing a more classic and versatile option.

  • The Indian-style jacket has a relaxed and comfortable fit, allowing for ease of movement and layering over different outfits.

  • It may have a front closure with buttons, hooks, or toggles for secure fastening, depending on the specific design.

  • The jacket's Indian-inspired design elements, such as embroidery or trim, may be present to enhance its overall aesthetic.

This floral padded Indian-style jacket is a fashionable and adaptable piece that can be worn to various occasions, from casual outings to more formal gatherings. Its reversible feature allows you to switch between two distinct looks, making it a valuable addition to your wardrobe.

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