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Bailey Mesh Shirt Dress

Bailey Mesh Shirt Dress

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Our black or green Bailey transparent over dress with a body-con under layer is a daring and alluring garment that combines the sensuality of a body con dress with the intrigue of a sheer overlay. The over dress is made from a lightweight and see-through fabric, adding an ethereal and captivating effect to the ensemble.

The dress features a body con under layer that hugs the figure and accentuates the curves, creating a flattering and confident silhouette.

The log shirt style of the over dress refers to its loose and oversized design, resembling a shirt or tunic with long sleeves. This style adds a touch of relaxed and effortless chic to the overall look.

The sheer fabric of the over dress allows the body con under layer to peek through, creating a visually striking and mesmerising effect that adds depth and dimension to the outfit.

This black or green transparent over dress with a body con under layer is a bold and statement-making piece that exudes confidence and style. It is perfect for evening events, parties, or any occasion where you want to make a head-turning and unforgettable entrance. With its fusion of sensuality and fashion-forward design, this dress is a captivating and unique addition to your wardrobe.

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