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Alicen Green Earrings

Alicen Green Earrings

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The Alicen pair of striking earrings, designed to captivate with their rich array of green hues. These earrings are crafted to be irregular, each one a unique piece of artistry. The base colour is a deep, lush green, reminiscent of the verdant forests or emerald gemstones, providing a bold and enchanting backdrop.

Adorning these irregular earrings are various shades of green and white jewels, adding depth and dimension to their design. a mix of emerald, jade, peridot, and malachite like stones, each one distinct in its shade and texture. Some gleam with a dark, mysterious intensity, while others shimmer with a bright, lively sparkle.

These green jewels are arranged in an eclectic pattern, creating a captivating mosaic of colour and shape. The irregularity of the design adds an element of intrigue and uniqueness, making these earrings stand out as a statement accessory.

Whether worn to elevate a casual daytime look or to add a touch of glamour to an evening ensemble, these green irregular jewel earrings exude sophistication and style, drawing admiration and attention wherever they go.

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