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Adeline Baby Doll Dress

Adeline Baby Doll Dress

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This black lace Adeline, baby doll dress with ruffled sleeves and a white lace collar is a flirty and charming garment that exudes a blend of innocence and allure. The dress features a loose bodice with delicate black lace fabric, and a white lace collar, creating a semi-sheer and alluring effect.

The baby doll silhouette is loose and floaty, providing a playful and youthful look. The dress has a loose waist, flaring out from the bust line into a short and whimsical skirt.

The ruffled sleeves add a touch of femininity and movement to the dress, while the white lace collar offers a contrast and eye-catching detail against the black lace fabric.

This black lace baby doll dress is a versatile piece that can be worn for various occasions. It is perfect for a romantic date night, a casual day out, or even a special event where you want to stand out with a unique and charming outfit.

With its combination of delicate lace, ruffled sleeves, and a white lace collar, this dress is a chic and timeless addition to your wardrobe, capturing the essence of both elegance and playfulness. It's a go-to option for effortlessly embracing a youthful and stylish look. 


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