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Aanna Earrings

Aanna Earrings

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Our Picture perfect pair of long earrings, delicate and graceful, swaying gently with movement. The base colour is a soft pastel shade, blush pink, sky blue, and lilac, lending an air of femininity and sophistication. These earrings are designed to be irregular, with each piece slightly different from the other, adding an artisanal charm.

Adorning these earrings are eclectic stones, each one unique in shape, size, and color. Imagine a mix of pastel-hued gemstones such as rose quartz, aquamarine, moonstone, and amethyst, arranged in a harmonious yet asymmetrical pattern. These stones bring a subtle yet captivating sparkle to the earrings, catching the light with every turn.

The irregular shape of the earrings adds an element of whimsy and uniqueness, making them stand out as a statement accessory. Whether worn with a casual daytime outfit or to add flair to an evening ensemble, these pastel-coloured long earrings with eclectic stones exude elegance and individuality.

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