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Golyath Vegan Suede Flight Jacket

Golyath Vegan Suede Flight Jacket

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Our vegan suede pilot's coat is a stylish and cruelty-free outerwear piece inspired by classic aviator jackets. The coat is crafted from vegan suede, a synthetic material that mimics the look and feel of traditional suede but is cruelty-free and more environmentally sustainable. Drawing inspiration from classic aviator jackets, the coat has a distinctive design with a broad collar, asymmetrical front zipper closure. These elements contribute to the iconic pilot's jacket aesthetic.

This vegan suede pilot's coats feature a faux shearling lining, providing warmth and comfort. The shearling lining is visible on the collar and cuffs, extending to the interior of the jacket. The coat includes buckle details on the collar, reminiscent of traditional aviator jackets. These details add a touch of authenticity to the design.

Practicality is key in aviator-style jackets, and this coats includes functional pockets for added convenience and a utilitarian touch.

Our vegan suede pilot's coat combines the timeless appeal of aviator jackets with the ethical and sustainable choice of cruelty-free materials. It's a stylish option for individuals who appreciate classic design elements while prioritising compassion and environmental consciousness in their fashion choices.

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