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Denisa Grunge Stripe Jumper

Denisa Grunge Stripe Jumper

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The grunge stripe jumper is a fashion item that embodies the edgy and rebellious style associated with the grunge subculture. It features the following characteristics:

  1. Distressed Look: The jumper has a distressed or worn appearance, with frayed edges, and a vintage vibe, giving it a lived-in and rugged feel.

  2. Bold, Irregular Stripes: The Grunge stripe jumpers have bold and irregular horizontal stripes. These stripes don't follow a strict pattern, and they come in dark or muted colours like black, grey, `green, and earthy tones.

  3. Oversized Fit: The jumper is oversized, with a loose and relaxed fit. This style choice contributes to the casual and effortless grunge aesthetic.

Overall, our grunge stripe jumper is a statement piece that embodies the non-conformist, alternative, and vintage-inspired style of the grunge movement, making it a go-to choice for those who appreciate the rebellious and raw aesthetic of the 1990s grunge culture.

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