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Darla Ring

Darla Ring

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The Bijoux Square Stone S925 Sterling Silver Ring Band with Rainbow Pink Diamond Cubic Zirconia is a captivating and vibrant piece of jewellery. The ring features a square-shaped cubic zirconia stone in a rainbow-pink diamond colour, set on a high-quality S925 sterling silver band.

The square stone is faceted to showcase a dazzling array of colours, resembling the play of colours seen in a rainbow. The predominant pink hue adds a touch of femininity and elegance, while the multi-colour effect creates an eye-catching and dynamic visual display.

The sterling silver band provides a solid and durable foundation for the stone, while also offering a sleek and polished look. The S925 hallmark ensures the authenticity and quality of the silver used in the ring's construction.

The use of cubic zirconia allows for a brilliant sparkle that mimics the allure of natural diamonds. The square shape of the stone brings a modern and distinctive touch to the design, blending contemporary aesthetics with timeless elegance.

This ring is a perfect accessory for those seeking a unique and colourful piece that stands out. Its combination of sterling silver, rainbow-pink diamond cubic zirconia, and square stone design make it a striking addition to any jewellery collection, suitable for both casual and special occasions.

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