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Caprice Heart earrings

Caprice Heart earrings

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The Caprice heart earrings, available in green or pink are a charming and elegant accessory that exudes a sense of affection and grace.

Crafted in a delicate shade of green, the heart-shaped design evokes sentiments of love and warmth, making them a meaningful and stylish choice.

Diamanté detailing delicately adorns the surface of each heart, adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication. The diamanté accents catch and reflect light beautifully, enhancing the earrings' overall radiance.

The combination of the green heart shape and the shimmering diamanté detailing creates a harmonious contrast that's both eye-catching and subtly luxurious.

Overall, these green heart earrings with diamanté detailing offer a delightful and versatile choice for expressing your style with a touch of elegance. Whether for casual or more formal occasions, these earrings infuse your look with a sense of charm and refinement.

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